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I was in Delhi in 2008 with four of my new friends from the Sivananda Ashram in Kerala.  We had just graduated from Yoga Teacher Training together and were talking about potential names for the Yoga Enterprise that I was destined to build on my return home. 

 How about I AM? I asked the group.  This is a foundation concept in Yoga – the idea that we are beyond time and space, beyond labels and at our highest, we can just be.  From the back seat, my friend Neha pipes up in her sing song voice, “Salimah, what about ‘I Am You?’  You know, like there is no duality.  We are all one.”*

 Pure brilliance.  What I loved even more about this name is the consciousness it creates.

 “Because you are so beautiful, and nothing exists in all the worlds more beautiful than you, I have brought you a mirror so that you can know the joy at every moment of seeing your own face.”  


 When you encounter a person who you really like or really dislike, what you are seeing is an element of yourself.

 Our lovers, friends, and family members provide opportunities for us to evolve our consciousness and to expand our ability to love (ourselves) unconditionally.  Love is the most powerful force in the universe.  Love and intimacy are forms of prosperity and having positive and evolved relationships is a sign of your own growth and development.  The following practice will help you create peace in your relationship with yourself first. 

Part 1

1.      Name 5 people who you find difficult to deal with, be around or relate to.  Where interacting with them is painful and you either avoid it or getting into fights each time you interact?

2.     Next to their names, right down the essence of what bothers you    

 This is what actually belongs to us.  And once we accept it within ourselves, it becomes much easier to witness it in another person. 

 Part 2

 Think of one very specific incident that has taken place with the person associated with this quality.  Play it out like a movie in your mind. 

 Keep it in your intentions as we go through the following meditation:

 Part 3

 On a piece of paper, name 10 of the most loving people that you know.  Next to their names write down the quality or characteristic or essence that they possess that makes them loving. 

 These qualities also belong to you.  And now a powerful set of exercises that will help you “wake up” to your positive qualities.

 Enjoy the process.



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 *I Am You is now the holding company for YogaVision as per the direction of my spiritual teacher.

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