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“You will feel most fulfilled when you do the impossible for someone else” Yogi Bhajan. 

Rock the Runway was inspiring. My day started with a 2 hour road trip to Small Town, Ontario to teach Laughter Yoga for a group of Yogis, including my colleagues Kinga Burjan and Maggie Thompson-Hayes and fellow Yoga Therapists in Training.   It would have been easy to stay home, claim fatigue and pledge money.  And then I thought again about all the women who don’t have the choice to stay home, to be too tired to make a difference.  It was lame.  And I knew it.  So, dressed in white – off I went and I glad that I did.    

When I arrived, the first floor of the ROM was alive with pre show preparation.  It was calm and relaxed, a sense of purpose and mission.  I witnessed love and hard work.  Barely a diva in the bunch.

In Yogic terms this is Karma Yoga and Bhakti Yoga.  Karma Yoga is about work.  Doing what needs to be done because you can. Without work there is no liberty.  Bhakti Yoga is the practice of devotion – to a cause, to a Teacher, or to an ideal.  Mirabai is one of the world’s most famous Bhakti Poets.  She wrote poems of her love for the Hindu God, Sri Krishna.  And from this love, she tapped into her Highest self and inspired people all over the ancient and modern world.    

 There was a vision, a mission and a sense of purpose that came through.  I had a chance to chat with MCs Brendan Beamish and Sarah Taylor of Much Music.  Their commitment and dedication charged the evening for me “This event has a long lasting imprint on the community here in Toronto and for youth around the world.  We all learn that we can help ourselves and each other” says Sarah. 

Co-host Brendan Beamish was most excited about the growth of the event.  “Every year more people get involved, we raise more money and the only challenge is making sure that we grow according to our principles.” 

Supporting War Child Canada is at the centre of this commitment.  Listen to Dr. Nutt talk about the origin of War Child and her vision of what change in the world looks like.  Click here.

 I caught up with Taylor Lazezzara, volunteer make-up artist, while she was working with Sarah Taylor.   Her commitment to the event was connected to being in service to others and understanding that our human condition is one and the same.  Bravo.  Well put. 

 The first principle is be kind and compassionate. The second is be righteous and organized. The third principle is be graceful and majestic. It is a circle, complete.

 Oh yeah, and the clothes were beautiful.  Here was my favorite designer, Arnaldo Santos and his mom, Linda. 



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