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We started class on Monday with a simple question.  “What is your connection to  your soul?”

Here are some of the answers:

“It’s the part of me that knows more than I let myself acknowledge”

“It is the relationship I have to my own truth”

“It is knowing beyond the obvious”

“My body does what my soul tells it to do”

“I don’t know.  I never really thought about it before.” 

The answers were all brilliant and profound, exactly the type of stuff that makes a Teacher proud and humble at the same time.  From a Yogic perspective, the soul is undying and unborn.  The soul chooses to have a human birth; the gender, the colour, the size and shape of you are all part of this choice.  The soul has no judgment on it.  Its here to do a job – elevate.  What we do with the experience is our own stuff.

The Crown Chakra is symbolized by the colour purple and the thousand petal lotus.  The unfurling of this flower alludes to the heightened functioning of the pineal gland.  This gland is located in the centre of the skull and is responsible for sleep and waking patterns and metabolism.  It works in conjunction with the pituitary gland to regulate hormones and secretions in the body.  The pineal gland is also the home for the soul.  When the body dies, the soul releases from this gland.  Pretty heady stuff – pun intended. 

The human talent of this Chakra is boundlessness, surrender to a greater power and trusting what is necessarily will happen.  The shadow of boundlessness is grief.  Grief may show up as addiction to certain behaviors or substances, ways that we block our natural sense of expansion and freedom. 

Click here to practice a dynamic kriya to activate the Crown Centre. 

On a personal note – this was one of my favorite classes.  As a group we have now spent 40 days together, enough time to add change or remove a habit.  We have evolved and transformed in both subtle and profound ways.  Its lovely to watch everyone interact during Karma Yoga and share experiences along the way. 

Here is Nelu talking about her experience from class.

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