My Body | My Temple – The Navel Chakra

How’s the fire in your belly?  Are you feeling strong through your core and committed to what is happening in your life?  If yes, welcome to the power of the Third Chakra. 

 Located at the navel centre, the element is fire and the colour is hot yellow.  When your navel is off balance the emotion you will tend to feel and react to situations with anger.  Not pretty. 

 When do you get angry?  Does being angry creating more love, connection and communication?  Doubtful.  In order to shift it, first identify it. 

 Where does it show up in your live?  Messy roommates, missing keys, friends who are perpetually late?  And how do you create that situation in your lives?  Not speaking your mind or forgetting about your boundaries.  How do you benefit from being angry?  It’s an addictive state.  What does it allow you to perpetuate in your life?  No one loves me, no one respects my feelings.  And once you do this exploration know that when you are ready, taking responsibility for how you feel will be a sign a courage and a new found source of strength.  But first, seek perspective.  Look for ways to do things differently. 

Yoga and meditation are amazing ways to create that perspective.  In class we explored Sitali pranayam – a three minute breathing technique that can be used to release anger, anxiety and cool the body. 

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It’s important to come to the mat with an idea of what you want to accomplish and link yourself to the expanded consciousness of humanity.  When we remove the violence in our lives, we have the opportunity to live with freedom and dignity and extend that to everyone around us. 

Building a strong navel centre also offers us opportunities to commit, to ideas, to our ethics and to our relationships.  And when you commit a universe of opportunity sees you as being the go to person for synchronicity, clarity and good fortune.  Pretty cool. 

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Next week – Love and Compassion at the Heart Centre.  Tune in. 



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