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The first day of class is always so exciting.  On Monday, March 14 all the names, voices and email addresses came together in the same room at the same time, and it was electric. 

 Some are brand new, exploring Kundalini Yoga and being with a Teacher for the first time.  For others, the experience is now part of daily life.  It is my personal philosophy that a Teacher be there for all of life not just for class.  There is a sacred bond between Teacher and Student.  It is the Student who chooses the Teacher and we grow together. 

 Through the next eight weeks, all 15 of us will explore Love Through the Chakras.  Chakras, Sanskrit for wheels, direct and move energy through the body.   There are eight Chakras in the Kundalini Yoga tradition and each one offers an opportunity for exploring love in a particular way.

 I created this series because being aware and connected to this energy system is an opportunity to know ourselves more deeply and completely, to live life and love in a conscious and consistent way.  During the coming weeks I will share what happens in each class; explain the positive elements and opportunities for love for each Chakra.  Work with each Chakra and be a part of this exciting experience. 

 You will see the teachings from the perspective of both Student and Teacher. 

 The Root Chakra

 Sitting in an easy crossed legged position, bring your awareness to the base of your spine and the part of you that is sitting closest to the ground.  The Root Chakra governs the organs of elimination, the element is earth and the colour is red.  It is our shared connection to the planet, our groundedness and rootedness to reality.  The Root Chakra is the container for our habits and instinctual behavior. 

 Love from the Root Chakra takes the form of acceptance. In a state of acceptance we take responsibility for our lives and flow with these circumstances.  The shadow emotion involves resentment and rigidity.  This holding on can manifest as constipation, a controlling nature or blaming others.

 Mantra for Acceptance

 “As you go throughout your day, become conscious of your breath. Let your exhale be a physical letting go and as you become aware of the letting go, silently chant on every exhalation, “let go, let god”.  god is the Generating Organizing and Delivering mechanism in the Universe.  You don’t need to analyze the process – just trust.  Accept your parents, your siblings, your partner, your friends, your co workers, your bosses, teachers, and yourself.  Understand and accept yourself – for everything, including not being to accept some people just yet.  When you are ready to you will, and when you do, you will receive a feeling of lightness of being that you never dreamed possible. You will be in a state of grace.” Adapted from the The Eight Human Talents, by Gurmukh.

 What do you need to Accept in order to move forward?  Your sexuality? your freedom from cultural norms? That a certain relationship is over? 

 This is how you use the breath to control your mind.

 The Kriya (series of exercises) I chose for this class worked on the digestive system.  Having a strong digestive system is the key to good health and stimulates the Root Chakra..

 Yoga for the Root Chakra

 Part of every class at the YogaVision studio includes Karma Yoga.  It is the exploration of Yoga off the Mat – taking action because you can and using that experience as an opportunity to shift consciousness. 

 Here are a real life experience of Karma Yoga and the benefits of this type of practice. 

 With love,


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