My Body | My Temple – The Sacral Chakra

The human body is an amazing spiritual machine.  Within each of us is an organized and coded system of energy that spins, flows and turns.  All we have to do is be aware of it to have an exceptional experience of life. 

 This week’s Chakra class was fascinating.  We welcomed new students and celebrated Navrose, the Persian New Year, with a liberating class on the second Chakra.  The human talents of creativity, sexuality and financial abundance originate here.  Love in this Chakra is about movement, change and intimacy with another. 

 The Indian Philosopher, Osho, says that at the height of orgasm is where most people find God.  True, eh?

 The Sacral Chakra is located in the area of the reproductive organs, symbolized by the colour orange and the element of water. An easy way to tap into this Chakra is to examine your relationship with water.  Do you drink enough? Are you fully lubricated in all meanings of the word? The relationship between you and money, sex and creativity is all about flow.  And in order to have flow – we need water.  This week’s Yoga off the Mat is very simple.  Drink more water and yes, let yourself go to the bathroom.  Flush everything out regularly and frequently. Know that letting yourself release will move you in new and exciting ways.

 We set our intentions for class around releasing the shadow aspects of this Chakra; quilt, shame and manipulation.  The Yoga practice started with a brief writing exercise “What do you need to accept about your creativity in order to move forward in your life?”   And then we did just that.   

 Take a sneak peak at our tuning in exercise here.

 When connecting to this power centre try the following exercises:

 Sufi Grinds

 Sitting in an easy cross legged position.  Place your hands on your knees and circle your upper body over your lower body, inhale as you circle forward and exhale as you circle back.  Do this for 2 minutes and then switch directions and continue for 2 minutes.

 Hip Lifts

 Lie on your back bend your knees, keeping you feet flat on the mat.  Grab your ankles or keep your hands by your side.  Now inhale your hips up off the mat.  Exhale and lower your hips back down.  Continue for 2 minutes. 


Break free of your mental addictions with this powerful Kundalini Yoga Meditation.  Meditation to Break Addictions. 

 On Monday, March 28, we will explore the third Chakra – the centre of your personal power and projection into the world.  Tune in.



   Ps – after class I kicked over a big glass of water.  Hmmmmm.

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