My Body | My Temple – The Throat Chakra

“It takes 100 lies to cover the first lie” Swahili proverb. 

During Monday’s class, we explored our relationship to truth.  We agreed on Universal Truths – the Oneness of the collective experience, gravity, and love.   

Then we talked about relative Truth.  And we discovered a new milestone – Truth is when you decide to carry the burden or lighten the load.  Consciousness is an ongoing, moment by moment decision. 

The 5th human talent is speaking the Truth.  This chakra is based in the throat, and also includes the neck, shoulders, mouth, nose and ears.  The throat chakra is the gateway between the head and the heart. 

From birth we were honest human beings, we communicated our needs, joy and hurt plainly and clearly.  As we age and take on expectations of our families and friends our image of our authentic self slips away.  We let it go.  To fit in, to go unnoticed, to deny a real soul connection.  These are the ghost emotions of the 5th chakra.  Wearing blue can enhance your ability to speak the truth.  Half of us were wearing blue on Monday’s class. 

A colour can inspire a change.  A sound can alter a brain pattern; singing can refocus the mind on a positive idea or emotion.  God lives on the tip of your tongue.  You can heal yourself.  You don’t need anyone to confirm it for you.   There is power in a vibration. 

On Saturday morning, I rearranged the YogaVision Studio and by Monday, a whole new set of circumstances emerged in my world. 

Truth inspires change.  At the heart of change is a loving, supporting and trusting of Self – qualities of the throat chakra that manifest through the act of speaking up and speaking out.   Practicing Dog breath, neck rolls and back arches opens up the throat chakra. 

Click here for the Kriya.

When the body heals, the mind and soul also heal.  It is about taking responsibility, not blaming others and living at your own speed. 

Here is a sneak peak of Sean, Michelle and Monica’s Vision Board.  



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