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So what happens when you finally love yourself and let it all hang out? 

You heal and meet the love of your life. 

It’s our story, my story, your story of transformation.  Walking to the darkest part of ourselves and finding the light.  This is the Guru – whatever takes you from darkness to light.  A teacher comes in many forms.  Eating disorders and coming out stories included.  This is a story of love. 

Portia Di Rossi, most famous for her roles on Ally McBeal and Arrested Development is tall, blond, gorgeous.  And in case you think that might mean life is perfect – think again.  There are hurts, misconceptions, weaknesses, lapses, and fear. Sound familiar?

We humans fear three things – boredom, loneliness and death.   In Portia’s case she swung from 82 pounds to 168 pounds navigating all three.  She describes elaborate eating rituals to keep her calorie count low.  She avoided being  in relationships for fear of being outed as a lesbian by the media.  And looking death in the eye was her turn around moment.    

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Portia’s writing is crisp, clear and insightful. She mirrors the pain and obsession of disordered eating and her eventual recovery with a poetic hand.  She also offers us a tiny glimpse of life on the set of Ally McBeal and her love life before Ellen. 

When you read this book, be prepared to confront some of your own ideas of body image and the emphasis you may place on what other people think or do.  And in the end, your revelation may be the same as Portia’s – with love – everything is possible. 

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