My Body | My Temple – Unleash Your Kung Fu Panda

My sister puts the DVD for Kung Fu Panda into my hand almost like a parting gift.  After a few loads of laundry, music class with my niece and baked Kale Chips, it time for me to head back south – south of 905 that is. 

An open evening lies ahead.  All Yoga classes prepped for the week, the studio is clean, dinner is made and email is virtually at a standstill on my blackberry.  It’s the perfect set up for Movie Night. 

Enter Kung Fu Panda.

In the opening sequence, the Panda dreams of his life as a super hero – foretelling the amazing journey he is about to take.  The colors are bright and the animation is fun.  All of the segments are easy to watch even with the fight sequences.     

Panda wakes from his dream to find himself working in his father’s noodle shop.  Not exactly his life’s ambition.  Scared of hurting his father’s feelings, he trudges on until one fateful afternoon. 

In the mean time, we meet the spiritual teachers and the Furious Five, a team of martial arts experts who trained their whole lives to uphold peace and justice throughout the land.    In the background there is a threat from one of their own, a warrior with selfish motives. 

Doesn’t this sound like your life?  Somewhere in you there is a deep recognition that you are destined for something much greater than what is happening right now.  It’s your choice to listen, to show up and pay attention to what your life is showing you. 

There is also a spiritual teacher there – someone who is holding up a mirror for you, poking you, provoking you, confronting you so that you can uplift yourself and others.  And a shadow side – the part of you who poses the highest risk, your ego.  And of course, the group of friends who surround you, magnifying your place in the world. 

Kung Fu Panda unfolds, you unfold. 

There is a battle to be won, limitless power to attain, teachings to be earned and a title to be inherited.

I won’t give the ending away.  It is an inspiring story.  The sequel comes out May 2011. 

Ps – Be your own Kung Fu Panda with this 10 second meditation.

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