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Eating is an act of Love. 

 I noticed that eating more raw food helps me be more real.  Sugar is my go to for numbing out.  When I numb out, I get confused and make errors. I get confused between what my heart says and what my old patterns dictate. What happens to you? Eating raw also helps me feel more alive and less interested in eating sweets or fried things and I love me my fried things…(I won’t, err mention the quest for onion rings that took over at lunch yesterday)

 One of my favorite meditations for balancing head and heart:

 5 Acts of Food Love

 1. Go slowly as you make changes.  1 or 2 changes per week is plenty.  Food is often a substitute for love.  Journaling and paying attention to your cravings is important.  Is it a craving for chocolate or a craving for affection?  Can you solve it some other way?  Does a diet modification mean deprivation to you?  What are your responses to “not having”?  Pay attention.   

 2. Eat to satisfy.  Slow down.  Eat without music, or television or conversation.  When is your body actually full?  A few times I noticed that I was full way before my plate was empty.  I kept eating anyway.  . . an old habit that has now seen the light of consciousness.    

 3.  Engage your senses when you eat.  How does your food smell, how does it look on the plate?  When preparing the food listening to uplifting music and or sing while you cook – it inserts your love into the process.

 4. Experiment and try new restaurants, new cuisine and eat from around the world to learn how foods are combined

 5. Add something raw to each meal. 

Food as Medicine

 Get cozy, pick food that gives back.  Not because it’s the right thing to do, but because you love yourself and want to have a strong and healthy presence in this amazing miraculous journey called life.  Eat to enjoy, eat to love and most of all eat because it tastes good and makes you feel even better.  And it can be easy.  Check out this Heart-warming Soup with Candice, the Edgy Veg

 If you need more proof about the power of food, here is a persuasive film:

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