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Veg to Vegan Week 1 – What are you afraid of?

Food is something that we relate to every single day.  Whether we actually eat or not, whether we eat meat or not and of course, how we label who we are when we eat – vegetarian, vegan, flexitarian, pescitarian.  All these labels come from definitions around our relationships with food.  For the next seven weeks I will be exploring the topic of food, eating more raw and exploring what happens.  i look forward to your comments on the process.

Deep Roots

I was diagnosed with diabetes when I was 4 years old.  I have been taking insulin and using blood tests to monitor my blood sugar levels.  My whole family was affected by what I could and could not eat.  My mum was my primary caregiver.   She and I developed an interesting relationship around food and control.  I don’t remember ever feeling hungry;  I eat by the clock.  I like good food, I enjoyed cooking with my partners and yet my love of food has not developed.

The first thing I did after my mum passed last summer was to eat a steak.  This was after being vegetarian for 3 years.  Something was up.  I learned to protect myself against feeling deprived.  I hungered for things that were damaging or dangerous to my health.  It’s a pattern that touches my relationships, how I work and how I play.  I asked for help.   Enter the Edgy Veg.

It’s important to have a coach, a teacher, someone with who has a level of mastery that you admire and can learn from.  this is especially true when you can’t see your own blocks or if you have been living with a certain mind set or conditions for a long period of time.  Candice has a real joy and love of food.  She is a healer, and deals with eating in a way that is open and accepting.  I find that liberating.

“Eat for nutrition and not to fill a hole”.

With these simple words from Candice, I started to eat something live at every meal.  An apple,  salad and dahl and rice over fresh leafy greens.  Eating live and fresh food create clarity.  I realized that I use food as a numbing agent.  If I got scared or nervous when I worked at my computer, I would get up and go for something sweet.  It has been happening for so long that I didn’t notice, until Sunday night when I got up and went for an apple instead.  In that sweet but not over the top moment, I realized that my relationship to sugar was rooted in fear.  Now I can ask myself the question, “What are you afraid of?”  The answers have been surprising , sometimes not at all related to what I was doing or thinking about at the time.  This is the mental and emotional work.  Then I hadto figure out what to eat and where to buy it.

The Grocery List

The Elimination Factor

Try these Yogic techniques to support your digestive system.   Elimination is, ahem, the other end of proper nutrition.

1.     tongue scraping

2.     stomach pumping

3.    dry skin brushing

I have also found the Expelled Breath Meditation a powerful and impactful way to address fear.

What are you working on with your relationship to food?  Be part of this process, let’s work it out together.

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