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Hello Precious Readers,

It is a pleasure and an honor to join the MyBindi Bloggers with My Body My Temple – a Yoga inspired life and style blog.

Yoga is an ancient system of self healing originating in South Asia. It is one of the most important exports from the sub continent, a rich part of our cultural tradition. There is evidence of Yogic influences in martial arts, dance, and spiritual traditions in the form of mudras (hand positions) and mantras (sound vibrations). And of course, if you have ever taken a long deep conscious breath – you are already a practitioner.

When Swami Vishnudevananda was asked why he was instructed to bring Yoga to the West, he replied – In India, people spend their time making money to shelter and feed their families. In the West, people have resources to do this and be in service to the world. That is what Yoga is – a message of Peace.

Millions of people are turning to Yoga and Meditation on a daily basis to manage stress and stay active. It’s popular because it works.

The Yoga industry has responded with a myriad of lifestyle offerings: clothes, books, DVDs, equipment, and food to name a few. My commitment to you is to provide regular updates from around town, and around the world to help you stay informed, aware and enlightened. Meditations and postures included.

My adventure with Yoga and Meditation started in 2004 and has been part of my daily life ever since. My training as a Yogi has taken me around the world, teaching children as young as 2 and seniors in their 90’s. My path is guided by my spiritual teacher and a community of Yogis who I meditate with in the early morning hours. Ten years ago I would have laughed at this newest version of me. Today, I know I am blessed with Yoga by the Guru – that which takes us from darkness to light.

I have a deep love of the practice and look forward to sharing all the benefits with you.

With love,

Salimah Kassim-Lakha

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