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First of all – a heartfelt thank you to all 800+ of you who came out to Yogapalooza this past weekend.  We had tons of fun – Kundalini Yoga, Power Yoga, Journey Dance and Laughter Yoga.  Our sponsors, Utopia Organic Tomatoes sampled amazing Tomato Juice, Physiomed gave away a Yoga Mat and chances to win an Ipad2 and of course, Samba Days with 2 spa giveaways and our very own Ashna Singh from MyBindi giving away two hot new books. 

 Look out for the souvenir video in July.  The next Yogapalooza is August 13 in Montreal.  Come on out and experience the Movement, Music and Meditation with us.  All are welcome.   

 Yoga for Prosperity

 This week we turned our attention to our Divine Space.  Zeenat, Deana, Loreli, Sandy, Deep and I discussed simple principles for transforming our lives by clearing the energy of our homes.     

 The space we share with our loved ones is another way of welcoming abundance and opportunity.  Connecting deeply with our sacred space is about being who we really are.  Some people call this home.  Some people call this OM.

 Space Healing

 Our homes reflect what is happening in our lives.  Have you had moments when things are not working well and then you looked around and saw that your place was a mess?  And when you tidied up – life started to look different?  In this discovery – we have step one of the process Space Healing process. 

 What is clutter? 

 Things that you don’t use or love

Areas that are untidy or disorganized

Too many things in a small space

Anything unfinished

Things that are scattered or can’t be found are part of clutter

 In essence, clutter is a result of delayed decision making.  If we are honest with the process we can admit that we’ve been too distracted to deal with an issue that has resulted in clutter.

Clutter is a visual indicator of emotional, mental or spiritual issue that has not been dealt with.  Clearing clutter allows change.    

Kundalini Yoga is a perfect compliment for clearing the subconscious patterns that contribute to clutter.  Click here to try this simple meditation. 

  Part 2 of your “home play” is to pick up 5 items in each area of your home that you have identified as clutter.  Place those items in a bag and take them directly to the nearest shelter, donation box or gathering of friends and give it away. 

 This is a demonstration to the Universe that you have faith in your abundance, your ability to give and your ability to receive what is in better alignment with who you are now. 


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