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Congratulations on your decision to create a daily meditation practice.  I can see you becoming more calm, focused and relaxed already. 

 Meditation can be done walking or washing the dishes.  The idea is to train your mind, direct your thoughts and become friendly with what happens between your ears.  Sitting meditation is a classical way to develop that relationship.  It takes 40 days to add, change or remove a habit – so creating a space that helps you keep your commitment is a good one. 

5 suggestions for your meditation space

Take a look around

 Is your space is need of decluttering and a little TLC? Same goes for you.  Roll up your sleeves, call up your sister, your mother, some one good at organizing and understands your greater vision for your Self.  Clear out your space, add a few new things and enjoy the peace of mind that this process can bring.  Once the clutter is clear, your ideal meditation spot will be clear too.  It might be a newly revealed corner in your room, or the entire basement. 

 Bring in the natural world

 Water, fire, earth, air.  Use your creativity.  The shape, form and texture of natural materials is soothing and uplifting to the human spirit.  Display the articles or colours or elements in a way that appeals to you. 

 To furnish or not to furnish?

 One aspect of meditation is keeping a tall straight spine.  If you are comfortable sitting on the ground, look for a natural fiber mat, or throw to create a separation from the floor.  Cushions are a great way to help you adjust to sitting on the ground.  Tuck a single cushion under your buttocks to lift your hips higher off the ground.  The elevation opens the hips and over time makes it easier to sit cross legged.  Another option is a low padded meditation bench.  You can also meditate in a chair.  Make sure that your feet touch the ground firmly and sit with your spine away from the back of the chair. 

 Sacred Junque

 Is there a little doo-dad, knick knack, thingy that evokes a great memory, smell, idea, or image for you?  Bring it!  Being surrounded by good vibes is what this is all about. 

Tools of the Trade

A Mala is string of 108 beads used to count mantras during meditation.  You may like to wear it while you are meditating or just have it in front of you while you are meditating.  A Tingsha is a set of brass cymbals that create a specific sound frequency.  You can use the Tingsha to start or end your practice.  Add ritual that is meaningful to you. 

 . . .and your eyes will be closed while you are meditating – so fussing about your space is counter productive.  Enjoy the process. 

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