Opportunity – Just like a Seed

Kristen called on Sunday with an interesting job opportunity.  On the upside, flexibility to set her own hours and an environment which reflected her values about health and wellness.  The proposed salary package would allow her to work three days a week and earn as if she was working full time.  In order to pursue this experience she had to make two decisions.  The first, a commitment to applying for her practitioner’s license and the other, deciding if the 90 min commute was going to work for her family.

She has to think differently in order to make a decision.  In the process of evaluating priorities our lives change.  Clarity is a gift and sets the stage for further transformation.

Just as a seed needs light, water and soil to grow, our ideas, goals and dreams need energy and nurturing.

An acorn has the potential of an oak tree within it.  We don’t know how high it will grow or for how long.  We have a general idea and we needn’t get attached to the end result.

When you set an intention for yourself, can you be like a seed?  Hold the promise of something great, add energy, nurture it and then allow what is highest and best to unfold? To be unattached to the form allows love, trust and miracles.

What energy do you need to add or subtract to bring your creation to life?  What nurturing do you need to provide for this seed so it will flourish?  And can you be open to what comes?

Here is a powerful Kriya to open opportunity.

And a meditation to keep you balanced:

Listen to the pod cast and practice the Kriya with me.

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