Your Pelvic Floor – What You Need to Know

Pelvic Floor Health – by Rachelle Gura

Recently, I experienced a number of health concerns stemming, much to my surprise, from my pelvic floor.  I researched, spoke to experts in order to help myself. I found information that was shocking to me.  I am passing along this vital information to keep the conversation going. This is a fascinating topic connected to so many aspects of our health and wellbeing.  

Psychologist Abraham Maslow theorized that basic human needs must be met before  self-actualization can take place. For example, satiating hunger comes before being a good friend or the next career move.

Pelvic Floor health supports three very important basic needs: sex, excretion and sleep. The first two may be obvious but sleep? Yes sleep.   An urgency to ‘go’ will disrupt your sleep each time you get up to relieve yourself.

Under Diagnosed or Misdiagnosed

Even though over 25% of adult women report leaky bladder, urgency to pee, burning or pain during sex, there is still not enough information on the topic. Men also experience tightness, poor circulation or strained muscles in the pelvic floor.   This can lead to painful ejaculation, or erectile dysfunction. For men and women, the most common complaint is back and hip pain stemming from undiagnosed pelvic floor dysfunction.

Yoga and Pilates Can Help Your Pelvic Floor

Pilates and yoga class that can help improve our pelvic tissues.  If you experience any of the issues noted above, let your Yoga Teacher know.  There are some postures that are helpful and there are some that are not. Tap into your Yoga Teacher’s experience to practice safely and effectively for your needs.  

One helpful exercise is to lie down and breath deeply for 10min. Let the pelvic floor relax completely and be massaged, released and moved during each breath. Breathing deeply satisfies a basic human need – air.  An oxygen rich environment is better equipped to ward off inflammation and disease.  Taking ownership of your basic needs paves the way to mental, emotional and spiritual development.  

Urgency to pee, burning sensation, lower back pain can signal pelvic health issues

Find Out More

I am dedicated to ensuring you get the right information to heal the pelvic floor issues.  Please call YogaVision to book a private consultation.  Or Join us for a special 2 hour workshop coming up in October.  

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Urgency to pee, burning sensation, lower back pain can signal pelvic health issues

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