Are You Ready to Create Your Family?

Yoga for Fertility

  1. yoga for fertility, energy of creation, baby, pregnant, yoga

Yoga for Fertility is a powerful way to create your family.  Yoga and Meditation offer time tested techniques to help you consciously conceive your baby.  


In May 2017, I completed my Khalsa Way Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training course. This course deepened my understanding of the spiritual, emotional and physical aspects of pregnancy and birthing. 

During this 12 day intensive, we learned from birthing experts.  We also practiced Kundalini Yoga and Meditation hourly to enrich our own experience.  This was a deeply healing time.  When women come together in circles of support, transformation takes place. We know this through ancient traditions where women gathered to menstruate, birth and celebrate together.  

Impact of Stress

In my ten years as a Yoga and Meditation teacher, I have also seen first hand how stress impacts our collective psyche and our body’s ability to function optimally. As women, stress affects our reproductive organs and our hormones. Addressing stress responses can be be a powerful tool for cultivating a safe space for baby to come home to.  

Bringing Two Worlds Together

When I returned home from the training I invited women who wanted to be pregnant into class with women who were already pregnant. I called this class “Circle of Life – Fertility and Prenatal Yoga.”

I designed these classes with an emphasis on fluid, feminine movement.  We breathe for emotional balance and meditate for clarity. We stir the senses, share our stories, relax and let Mother Nature take her course.

This class is one of my personal favourites to teach.  I see women who are committed to self love, inner peace and a genuine desire to consciously welcome their babies.  

If this idea sounds exciting to you. If you want to be in the company of uplifting women to create your family,  please get in touch. We would love to hear from you.

yoga for fertility, energy of creation, baby, pregnant, yoga

yoga for fertility, energy of creation, baby, pregnant, yoga

Circle for Life – Fertility and Prenatal Yoga

YogaVision Centre

6956 Financial Dr

Fridays 530pm to 630pm

8 week series for $145 plus tax.


Ps – when you sign up you can meet all of the women who have become pregnant since taking this course.  


With love,



Salimah Kassim-Lakha

Yoga Therapist