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Seize the Shift

Have you heard the whisper: “It’s time for change”?

I had a different understanding of myself before I became a mother. I thought I was mostly an imprint of my ancestors. Generational fears transferred to me, like the one that said I had to hang on to my long-time job. It was inspired work, but at the decade mark a voice pipped up: “Try something new!” only to be silenced by fear repeatedly.

When my first baby was born, I saw his personality shine in those initial hours outside the womb – the joker’s glint in his eye, his moodiness. When my second was born, I saw something different – his laid-back nature, ready to withstand his brother’s teasing. Sure, their parents and environment continue to shape them, but they travelled through me with unique personalities intact. It shook me. I had some questions about me.

I saw past personality tests, and conversations with friends (“You’d be a great yoga teacher!”), in a new light. Practicing yoga while pregnant had help me stay emotionally grounded, relaxed my body and mind and prepared me for labour. Yoga with my new baby kept us grounded, connected in our community and mutually learning about our new bodies. I wanted to support others in this same way. It was time to release fear and embark on something new.

Although I had been practicing yoga for seven years, I had much to learn from Yoga Teacher Training (YTT). The history, anatomy, how to structure a class, but most importantly conversations and meditation moments that allowed me to listen to my heart and to guide myself to align with it.

Now, through yoga teaching, I am fortunate to be surrounded by babies, each one an inspiring new personality, and many moms grappling with the fear of returning to a former life when they have in fact been transformed. For me this transformation meant personal development through yoga and a new consulting gig in the nonprofit sector with flexible hours allowing time with my family. I commit time to the people and things in life that are most important to me.

Do you feel the shift but unsure of the direction of change?

  1. Notice – What is unique about you? The things you do differently than others could be your greatest assets. Ask friends about your strengths and careers they see you in.
  2. Listen to your inner guidance – Meditate. Even for 5 minutes. Lengthen your exhales and ask yourself for the answers.
  3. Do the risk/benefit analysis – Be mindful of the others you are affecting. I’m a good mom with a full-time job, but I’m a better mom with the flexibility of part-time work.

If you listen, the shift will change your life.

If you have considered deepening your yoga practice and potentially teaching others, now is the time. The first in-class session of YogaVision’s next round of YTT programming starts in October 2017, but you can register and start the inspiring readings today: