Step by Step – The Joy of Powerwalking

Donna Foster-Laroque smiles likes she understands happiness.  Donna is a power walker.  And it shows.  All movement and aliveness.  She turned into a power walking coach by default.  As a running coach she was having a good time training runners for the half marathons at the Running Room.  And then fate stepped in.  She was asked to lead the walker’s marathon clinic.  At the time there was  competition between runners and walkers.  She quickly fell in love with the walkers and two years later is still leading the walking program.

What is fascinating about walking, Donna says, is how easy, convenient and powerful it is.  All you need is comfortable walking shoes – cross trainers not running shoes.  It can be done anywhere – outdoors and indoors, on any terrain, carpets, beaches, hardwood.  So there is literally no excuse to not do it.

True! My grandmother walks up and down the hallways in her building, and she is in her 80’s.

My own adventure with walking happened somewhere in 2003.  I was living on Queen West and Dovercourt at the time – Abell Street Lofts – and one day I got fed up of waiting for the Queen Street Car so I started walking.  The street car pulled up the same time I got home.  I never looked back.  It was my saving grace – that 40 minute walk home.  In all sorts of weather (except for heavy rain – I just don’t like getting wet like that) I walk whenever I can and I love it.  Donna is taking things to a whole new level.  I am excited to join her walking club.

Please join Donna Foster-Larocque:
Personal Training Specialist, Powerwalking Coach,
on Thursday nights from 6 to 7pm at Yorkville Lululemon,
153 Cumberland Avenue for a 3KM powerwalk around
Queen’s Park followed by core exercises and stretching!

I’m looking forward to learning more about the biomechanics of walking, figuring out how to increase the number of steps I take each day and to finally compete in a walking marathon.  Yes! I actually said it out loud.  One of the things I have always wanted to do was a walking marathon.  And now the Universe – along with my good intentions is helping to make it happen.  Check out the Oxfam’s 100 hour Trail Walker. I am creating a Yoga Without Borders Team.  Will you join us?

Donna reminds me “it is not a leisurely stroll, we are not walking dogs.  There is active walking – walking at normal pace and power walking – which is pace above normal speed walking and it is for power and strength.  And then there is race walking, a technique used to walk at a brisk and competitive pace, faster walker.”  You’ve seen it during the Olympic Games.  It may look funny but it is all about gait and speed.

Donna’s mission is to inspire 1 million people to be Positively Active in 2012.  I plan on being one of those people.  I hope you will join us.  I am looking forward to being out and active and share the joy of a long sweaty walk.

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