Strengthen Your Aura

Imagine the space around you, nine feet in all directions. This is your aura. Animals have hoofs, claws and teeth. Human beings have this divine shield of protection. What happens to you happens in your aura first so having a strong bright aura repels negativity draws in love, joy and peace.

Here are 5 ways to strengthen your aura:

1. Sing out loud
Chose an uplifting song or mantra and belt it out. The sound of your voice changes the vibration of cells in your body and of the Universe itself.  Here’s why mantras work so well:

2. Cold Showers
A three minute cold shower feels great in the summer.  The cold water causes toxins to rise to the surface of your skin and  adjusts the electromagnetic frequency of your blood. Avoid wetting the top of your head and pay extra attention to flushing your under arms.

3. Wear white
Blending all the colours and reflecting light is the advantage of wearing white. It is uplifting to the eye and creates a neutral palette for those around you. They see their own highest consciousness and you get to reflect that back to them. Lofty idea and simple to do.

4. Watch those electronics
Keep your personal force field intact by having a device free zone in your home. Plug in and power up away from your bedroom and areas where you rest and relax. Replace dead batteries and purge devices that you no longer use. These electronics carry a latent charge that can affect your aura.

5. Practice this powerful 9 minutes Kriya called Strengthen Your Aura.

These simple steps can have a profound impact on your experience. Test them out and let me know what happens.


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