The Most Powerful Prayer

The Most Powerful Prayer

What you think about creates your life.  Gratitude becomes a powerful key to creating more of what you want to experience.

Here are 10 ways to build a gratitude practice into your day.

1.  Thank you

The post powerful prayer is thank you. Appreciating what you already have brings more.

2.  Begin and End the Day

Before you fall asleep at night, mentally list 5 things that you feel grateful for.  Do the same when you wake up.  This ritual sets your day with positivity and success.

3.  Involve Others

Share this practice with your spouse, children or co-workers.  It builds trust and appreciation by offering an opportunity to share and reflect.

4. Build with the Alphabet

Go through the alphabet and give thanks for all that comes to your mind with each letter.  Young children especially love this.

5. Body Part by Body Part

In your Yoga practice or in the shower – give thanks for the muscles, bones and joints.  Take a moment to love those organs that you can’t see but are working for you all day, every day.  Notice the subtle changes that happen as you do this on a consistent basis.

6. Colour Your World

Pick A colour and appreciate everything that comes in that colour.

These random acts of love show the Universe and your subconscious mind that you are tuned in, tapped in and turned on by what is positive and beautiful around you.

7. And the Winner is  . . . .

Chose a person and appreciate as much as possible about that person.  A stranger, a lover, a person from your past or even someone you have not yet met.  All are worthy of your attention and affection.

8. The Past is the Past

Think about a past event of your choice and give thanks knowing that if it weren’t for that experience you may not be here now.  See, sense, feel or imagine being back there in time and space and love in that moment too.

9. Be Here Now

What’s happening in this very moment?  Give thanks for the thoughts you are thinking and the circumstances that led you to reading this message.

10. Imagine your Future Self

What do you want to create in the future?  A family, a job change, a new way to relate to your body? See it all happening and give thanks as though it has already arrived.

These ideas are just the beginning.  Take it where ever it leads you.  There are no rights or wrongs with this practice.  The only requirement is to do it and watch what unfolds.

Let go of stress with this short meditation:

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