The Podcast is live!

A client once said to me “its all about timing. . .and lighting”.  It was a genius moment.  We both laughed and with permission,  I posted her quote on my FaceBook page.  The spiritual implications were so clear.  God/Universe/Angel time works from a higher vantage point.  IT happens after all the groundwork has been laid.  It doesn’t matter how much we pine over IT.  The ego is helpless here.  Miracles are not the realm of the rational mind or the dial of a clock.  IT happens when the potentiality for the growth is at it’s highest.  and then IT happens.

When our hearts and minds are open to seeing the path.  When it’s right we take action and it is effortless.  It is being in the light. It’s also called Enlightenment. Illumination. Insight.

With all of that in mind, some wonderful news.

For the past two years I have been teaching an online Monday night Yoga class. We get together every Monday night on Skype for movement and meditation.  My intention is for the teachings to love, serve and uplift.  Many people have joined and many more have wanted to but have note been able to due to timing (ah ha!). I wondered outloud how to expand our reach.  Then one of my students suggested I start a podcast.  I sat with the idea for a few months, busy with day to day, allowing my subconconscious mind to address the task. I let myself move in with my partner without pressure.  We spent time learning how to love eaach other up close, through transition and transformation.  I also gave myself a start date – March 1 for the next step with YogaVision.

I declared Sunday, March 3 Pajama Day and started my research.  I found a helpful blog and two home made lattes later, the deed was done.


Here is the first episode of Love. Serve. Uplift. I hope you enjoy it.  Please share with your friends,  family and community.  KNow this is happening because you are out there asking.  I thank you deeply for that.



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