The Power of I Am

I came across this image last night on Facebook. Posted by one of my former students, it spoke to the essence of the meditation I have been practicing this week.

The inspiration began on Sunday morning. I did 6 rounds of sun salutations and found myself thinking about my recent move to Mississauga and all the things that have unfolded as a result. Movement creates energy and that energy can be used for transformation. Kinda sorta exactly what I have in mind.

As I thumbed through my collection of meditations I came across the Meditation in Being.

Over this week the meditation has reminded me of the vastness of our human potential and the minute details that sometimes bog us down.

The words “I Am,” send the mind on a chase.  it will automatically try to answer, “I am what?” with an answer that reflects our finite reality.  The second “I Am” in the mantra creates “I Am what I Am.” To be what you are is the essence of truth and leads to the nature of Reality.

it is our quest as human beings to nourish the relationship between thefinite sense of the self and the infinite sense of the Self. The mind often forgets this relationship when it becomes attached to a particular emotion or object that it wants to keep.

This is also the perspective of Being. You exist before the objects you collect and even before the body that you use. It is very powerful and effective to remind the mind of your true identity with your Infinite Being. It allows us to be with life in a way that is authentic, whole and loving.



On Monday nights we explore these meditations and more online via skype.  Join in by sending an email to  I will send you instructions on how to join the call.

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