The Universe Provides

The Universe Provides

Yesterday could have been a crappy day. By midday, I received feedback on opposite ends of the spectrum. Some of it was uplifting and some was just wrong (says my ego). The sum result was a gnawing in my gut that I have been letting myself down, not keeping my eye on my ultimate goals.

I spent the rest of the day adjusting myself.  I took out my tool kit of techniques and teachings and reminded myself:

  1. Other people’s opinions are just that – other people’s opinions. How I let that land is up to me.

2.   I have a ton of things to be grateful for so I quickly wrote my list of 5 and sent it to the recycle bin    so the Universe could receive it.

  1. I took a few long deep breaths – after listening to other people’s opinions, I noticed that my body had tensed up creating even more stress.
  1. I sang myself a little mantra. Singing is always uplifting, strengthens the aura and keep negativity at bay.
  1. I asked to be in service. I know that the fastest way to shift consciousness is to help someone else because I can and if I can I must.

I sat at my desk at work and asked for an opportunity to serve.

And then the day got really interesting.  At 4:55pm the phone rang.  In my experience those call are of three types – crisis, confusion, wrong number. I hoped for wrong number. I got confusion. The lady on the other end spoke slowly and explained that she had a learning difficulty and asked if I could help her understand how to fill out some forms. I took a deep breath and we began. At 5:45pm we were done, the forms were completed and we were laughing and joking with each other. All of a sudden the line became quiet. “God, please bless Salimah. Bless her in the name of your son, Jesus Christ, the holy ghost and all of the angels in heaven. May Salimah thrive in her career and may there be many ways for her to excel and change the world.”  She continued for another ten minutes and suddenly the speech impediment was missing and the words came poetically. I don’t remember it all – I never interrupt when someone wants to give blessings – I just listened.

She inhaled deeply, thanked me and was gone.

I sat there a little stunned, humbled and very aware of how closely the Universe is listening.  It could have been a crappy day, if I had chosen so.  Instead yesterday was a reminder that Love opens a path for the ancient wisdom traditions to be revealed.  Not knowing becomes knowing and vulnerability is actually a strength.

As you can already guess – today is an amazing day.  I wish the same for you.



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