Travel Tips from the Yogis

Hello friends,

Just back from Italy. First trip abroad with the beloved. We bent time and space and faced all of the required demons and angels masquerading as pizza.  Here’s what we learned:

1. Set your intention as you plan
Is this a time for personal reflection? Developing a relationship? Writing? Health?  Make it clear in your heart and mind why you are going and be clear who you want to be along the way. And if the Plan changes as a result so be it.

2. Essential oil
Take some with you. Pack it in your suitcase and you have a fool proof way of altering and enhancing your mood. Lavender is relaxing and peppermint is invigorating for example.  Choose a scent to wear along your way to remind you of your intention.  Use your intuition when you pick your scent.  I like for organic oils.

3.  Go with your gut
Traveling is hard on the belly. Change of diet, change in routine, and anxiety can all play a part in changing how your body processes what you take in.  Taking a night time laxative tea occasionally can help to move the toxins out and gently encourages elimination. Being less full of shit is optimal.  Heheh.

4.  Move it
On a resort, Europe bound or volunteering abroad find away to go out for a walk, a hike,  yoga.  This can be your time to reflect and be with the earth and its people in a different way. Motion creates emotion.

5. Cool it down
Move through a time change easier by taking a cold shower and going for a walk as soon as you arrive at your destination.  This is a simple way to detox your skin, cleanse your blood and adjust your nervous system.

6. Neti pot
That special little teapot works wonders for allergies and recovering from stuffy planes and dirty air.  Use it once in the morning with saline solution for best results.  Start a few days before you travel. This is a healing technique from Ayurveda.

7.  Expand your aura
Being in new places puts your spidey sense on high alert. Create a strong presence by using this mantra as you enter and leave places.

Expand your aura and create a shield of safety around yourself and your travel companions. The eight chakra is your aura.

8. Dress alert
Dress for the heat by taking clues from people and cultures in hot climates.  Loose, long and flowing, light or white clothing is ideal.  These options reflects the sun, keeps it off off your skin and have the added advantage of expanding your aura.

9. What?
Yep no make up.  Try it.  You might like it.  No one will ever see you again. And if you meet the One aren’t you glad they will see you as you truly are? Naturally beautiful.  Very yogic.

10. Climb every mountain (or volcano)
Just do it.

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