WonderWoman’s Perspective on Inspiration

In April 2012,  Yoga Without Borders was nominated for an Inspire Award – Inspiring Community Organization. Part of my assignment for the Award was to write a 400-800 word essay on what inspires me.  For fun, I gave it a little spin.  I thought about my favorite superhero and wrote it from her point of view.  What do you think?

I watched you grow up.  I’m the one with the blue star spangled panties, red bra, and bullet repelling gold cuff bracelets.  From my invisible plane I have been watching your lives unfold.  And I gotta say – you inspire me.

As I thought of you this morning, the sun came streaming through the clouds and I knew I was witnessing a miracle.  It was the very thought of you and how you make every moment come alive.

Even though I have the title of superhero, I see you as the real hero.  From your first breath and to your last breath – you embody courage, grace and dignity.  You go boldly into the unknown, and discover your superpowers there.  Mine were given to me at birth and I have known about them all along. It’s not quite the same now is it?

True; there are evil doers everywhere.  In fact, I see you struggle with the Lex Luther within you as well.  And I find that inspiring too – your beauty is in all of your flaws.  Like the Japanese form of art called Wabi Salbi – the flaw is the art.  You recognize the imperfect as perfect and this vulnerability is something I will never know as a superhero.  You have been graced with this consciousness and quite frankly, I am envious.  It is a miracle and wonder of your humanity and Oneness.  I am inspired by how you recognize and cultivate this idea called Truth.

You see possibility.  You allow the free flow of ideas and without promise of reward you seek to be of service, to contribute to the enlightenment of humanity. From you I have learned that inspiration comes from tuning in and tapping into your unique superpowers and spreading love far and wide.  For some of you it means making the world a safer place and for others it means raising children who are very aware of their superpowers.  Sometimes it means making noise, or challenging conventional wisdom.  It means taking a stand for others who you don’t know or may not even like, but you do it because it is the right thing to do.  In this way, we are similar.  It makes my job a little easier because really, I can’t be everywhere all the time, but you are.  In your small villages, neighborhoods, schools and hospitals you make the impossible possible.  It’s so easy to see your love for each other.  And it makes the world a better place.  If you could see it from my perspective, this would make you smile.  While I may never die, yours is a legacy of transformation.

You inspire me as students of life.  You make small changes in your life and it makes a big impact around the world. Sometimes this is through this very quiet thing called meditation and sometimes, like me you lasso the bad guys, round them up and toss them away in an eco friendly kinda way.  Good on you.

Inspiration is what makes the ordinary extraordinary and you have that in abundance.  It is a new thought process, a fresh spin on an ancient wisdom tradition.  In the end you have an infinite number of choices and when you chose from a place of love and happiness inspiration flows.  That’s pretty and that’s impressive.

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