Work As Spiritual Practice

I’m writing this blog on Wednesday morning on the train ride to work.  It’s hump day.  I am wondering how to inspire myself to have a day that matters at my desk. I google work as spiritual practice and come across this story:

A goddess decides to host a series of dinner parties.  For the first party she invites all the demons of the land, laying out a beautiful feast with one condition – eat as much as you like but you must not bend your elbows. The demons make a huge mess of the place, spilling food on themselves and each other and leave the party hungry and disgruntled with the experience. For the next party the goddess invites all the angels and gives them the same meal with the same conditions – eat but do not bend your elbows.  The angels feed each other. They left the party entranced by the food and each other’s company.

A sweet way to learn an important lesson.  When we do for others, what may seem like a sacrifice is really an opportunity to experience our whole creative self.

Why?  Because focusing on the needs of another provides us with the opportunity to go beyond our own self imposed limitations.  We do it because it needs to be done, because we can, because its the right thing to do. We do it because this is a technique to tap into our divinity, our angelic nature.

So today I decide to make my job my calling.  I will take my Yoga off the mat and apply what I know every where – at the photocopier, on the phone with my clients and with everyone I meet along the way.  I will breathe, relax and expand my aura so the opportunities to serve are clear to me.  I will smile at strangers, have a kind conversation with someone who is stressed out and be grateful for consciousness in my day.

The choice is mine. The practice is available everywhere.

What will you do?

Need a little more of a kick start?  Here is the Kriya for Elevation – a simple series of movements designed to uplift the Self.

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