Your Joy Belongs to You

Let’s say you have a goal to lose ten pounds. What happens when you think that thought? Notice the body sensations. Where do you feel it and what does it feel like? These sensations are the first clue to knowing if that goal is above the line or below the line. Below the line are our shadow selves – where anger, greed, jealousy, doubt and fear rule the experience. Above the line is a place of higher consciousness, love, compassion, forgiveness and joy are some examples.

As human being s we never want to lose anything. It goes against our nature and innate tendencies – would you ever deliberately want to lose your keys or a relationship? The phrase itself may actually create the opposite effect.

Looking at the mirror and pinching or squishing body parts likely comes from an inner mean voice that compares and judges what is right and wrong. We hurt ourselves with thoughts like that.  Not the best place to set goals from.
This is the Ego talking. Maybe it shows up to help us avoid pain or to maintain status quo.  Keeping things the same when you are ready and capable of reaching for more is actually harmful.  It is part of the pattern of numbing out that creates addictions to food, alcohol, smoke, television or shopping.  We pick our  poisons to avoid feeling what we need to feel.  When you numb your pain, you also numb your joy.
Growth comes from new experiences. Ask some pointed questions to test the Ego.  “Really is that true? Do I need to lose 10 pounds? According to who? and for what reason?” These questions offer an opportunity to challenge habitual thinking, clarify the commitments you make and check the under lying false beliefs that accumulate over time. A belief is a thought we keep thinking. It’s just a thought and thoughts can be changed, immediately.

So what if the goal was to look and feel strong, lean and healthy?  What if that powerful thought, made from a loving and wholesome place introduced you to a coach or personal trainer who supports you in building the body that matches your lifestyle?  Or a nutritionist who lovingly helps you make new food choices?  Or you put down the sugar or the bag of chips for good?  All of it is within your grasp right now.  Your joy belongs to you, always.  Go got it Tiger.

Here is a healthy tip for using your breath to curb cravings:

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