• Happiness is an Open Heart

    Elly is flowing this yoga class for all levels, allowing for breath and movement in order to surrender, let go and open the heart. Really give yourself permission to soften, absorb and be in the moment to allow opening to happen. Thus allowing a lot more LOVE and a lot more LIGHT, connecting the HEART with the SOUL. Namaste

  • Happiness is a strong, bright Aura

    Your aura surrounds you nine feet in all directions. Your energy impacts and is impactful. Use the powerful technology of Kundalini Yoga and meditation to create a spirit of happiness within and around you.

  • Happiness is Present Moment Awareness

    Practicing mindful movement connects us more fully to ourselves in body, breath and mind. Cultivate presence and happiness in your life with this gentle hatha yoga class led by Brigid Dineen.

  • Happiness is Movement

    Join Auni for this introduction to Egyptian Cabaret Style Bellydance to move your body and feel the joy.