Kriyas and Sets

A kriya (pronounced kree-ya) is a set of excerises done in a particular order and for a specific length of time.  Kriyas are designed to bring about a specific state of being. You will learn how to do kriyas in the Movement and Meditation and Kundalini Yoga classes with Salimah. No two kriyas are the same, and they are often decided right before class. Expect the unexpected. A kriya or meditation can be repeated daily for 40 days to reap the full benefit. People often mention feeling relaxed or elated after a kundalini yoga practice. The order and structure of the class adds to its effectiveness – for this one hour you can go deep within yourself and learn to focus your breath. The purpose of kundalini yoga is not to escape the stress of daily life, but to help you cope with it. It strengthens and shows you your roots to reconnect to when things aren’t going as planned. Kundalini yoga equips you with the tools to take on life and get through hardships with grace and understanding.

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