Love Chakras ~ Week 1 ~ Acceptance

The Chakras are energy centres in the body that radiate the power and magnitude of our human experience.  Your awareness of these energy centres  will allow you to love deeply, completely and whole heartedly. 

The book to compliment this series is called “The Eight Human Talents” by Gurmukh

 The first chakra is located at the base of the spine and is responsible for elimination in the body.  The first chakra is concerned with our habits, instincts, learning trust and practicing acceptance of all. Acceptance of all means accepting ourselves, other people and trusting that there is a grand plan, and that all is working according to divine plan.  It means not waiting for the right occasion or behaviour from someone in order to offer love and support.  It means being the first to offer light and hope. 

  Preview of the Kriya: click here

 Home Play:

 The Monkey Mind is that part in all of us who wants to cling to old habits, and is sceptical of yoga and the benefits that it can bring.  It manifests as resistance.   

 In what form does your Monkey Mind appear? 

 Come prepared to talk about it so we can address it and move forward.

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