Love Chakras ~ Week 2 ~ Creativity and Sexuality

The second chakra deals with merger with others.  It is the shared part of life.  It is linked to creativity, sexuality and money.  When the second chakra is functioning well you are vibrant and colourful.  When it is not functioning at optimum level, life is dull and listless.  Disease starts to manifest in the body in the area of the kidneys, bladder, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, menstrual problems and infertility.  The second chakra is signified by the colour orange and the element of water.  This chakra is about creativity, sexuality and abundance in the form of money. 

 Our culture conveys disempowering messages about sexuality. It is a deeply embedded hurt that requires healing.  We all share this discomfort about our sexual expression.  It often manifests as shame, or guilt or control.  On Monday we will release some of the discomfort in order to move forward. 

 Preview of the Kriya: click here

 Home Play:

 Think about your personal relationship to sexuality, money and creativity.  How are they connected for you?  What does it take to be consciously connected to another person?    

 Please be prepared to share so we can learn from each other.

 Yoga off the Mat:

 Be in the flow.  Drink lots of water, go to the bathroom, flush yourself out.  Maybe it sounds too easy.  Maybe easy is the only thing it needs to be.

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