Love Chakras ~ Week 3 ~ Commitment

The human quality of commitment is associated with the third Chakra. When you commit all of your love relationships improve because the people in your life can count on you to be present.  Kundalini yoga gives us the tools to be present in the moment.  This is the root of commitment, being here now.  When the third Chakra is working well you are energetic, organized, goal oriented and have a powerful projection.  You don’t have to say much to make a big impact.  When this Chakra is not working at optimum you are scattered and unfocussed and illness in the digestive area start to manifest. 

The shadow emotion is anger.  Anger stems from not being able to experience life in a way that is highest and best.    

The Breath Work to address inner anger is Sitali Pranayam.  Click here for a preview.

Home Play:

Think about your personal relationship to anger.  What is the pay off, pay back and price for anger in your life?      

Please be prepared to share so we can learn from each other.

Yoga off the Mat:

Use your breath.  Every hour on the hour take 3 conscious deep breaths.  Notice the difference in your mood, you experience of life and your interactions with others.  Do this practice for 7 consecutive days.

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