Love Chakras ~ Week 4 ~ Compassion

The human talent of the heart chakra is compassion. It is remembering to love yourself and accept yourself on any given day and at any given moment. When the rhythm of your heart beats in harmony with another  person they will be drawn to you.  They sense genuineness of your words and the intent of your actions as being in their best interest.  The best way to open from the heart centre is to develop an attitude of gratitude.  Being thankful for the abundance in our lives helps us to see the world in a new way. 

 When the heart is closed, people have heart and lung disease, breast cancer and/or upper back pain.  The shadow emotion of this chakra is fear and attachment.  Worry is a low grade fear.  Fear prevents love.  When you acknowledge your fear, name it and let it go it cannot have power over you anymore.   

 Here is simple meditation to try: Meditation to Balance Head and Heart   

 Home Play:

 To connect with your heart centre place your hand, one palm on heart when you are in conversation with someone, anyone.  Notice the difference it makes to connect to the energy of this centre.    

 Yoga off the Mat:

 Spend a few moments in the mirror and tell that person you love them.  Promise to be kind and compassionate for the next seven days.  Stick to it.  Let us know what happens.

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