Love Chakras ~ Week 5 ~ Truth

Week – The Truth

Yogis, I have been re-arranging the Studio. 

Acceptance, Creativity, Fire and Love

And now Truth

Be prepared to welcome all experiences. 

And take a look at the vast array of options.

What you want may not be what you need.    

Home Play:

Take 31 or 62  minutes out and re-arrange your space. Start small and work up or keep it contained.  You know what you need.  Be honest.  And remember that not everything your think is real or has to be said out loud.  Put your hand over your heart before you speak. 

My Body My Temple

Check out what Loreli said after class:

Class time:

Mondays from March 14 to May 1 (Holiday for Easter)

7:30pm to 9:30pm

Arrive at 7:15pm to change, set up, sign in and say hi. 

$240 per person.   

Please bring:



Water Bottle

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