Love Chakras ~ Week 6 ~ Intuition

The 6th chakra is located at the brow point or third eye point.  It is represented visually as indigo blue.  This is the seat of intuition.  The pituitary gland is located in the area of the brain behind the third eye point.  As you have experienced, most exercises and meditations in Kundalini Yoga require focus at the brow point.  To be honest, many of the sets and exercises are irritating, boring or create discomfort.  In this way, Yoga helps you move past the body and into more insightful thoughts and feelings, into a more expanded version of yourself.

Disease is the body actualizing a message from the spirit.  When disease is present, there is an imbalance in the mind or emotions.  Intuition brings us healing clues from GOD (The Generating, Organizing and Delivering mechanism in the Universe).  This is the inner voice.  It is the voice providing a path where no other path existed before.

Home Play:

Listen to the quiet voice before making a decision.  Take a moment, tune in and ask your higher self what the next best thing is.  What to eat, wear, left or right, offer your Higher Self and opportunity to answer these questions.  See what happens.

Yoga off the Mat:

Who would you be without confusion?  Write it down.  Become aware.  And then do things differently.

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