Love Chakras ~ Week 7 ~ Boundlessness

The 7th chakra is defined as boundlessness. It is represented by the colour violet and is physically located in the pineal gland. Scientific research shows that this gland is connected to our metabolism and our sleeping patterns. On a spiritual level, the 7th chakra is the seat of the soul. In Yogic science, the soul is the part of us that is undying and unborn. The soul lives on past the physical body and through space and time without limitation.

Each one of us must reconcile the finite of this world and the infinite possibilities of the world beyond. We may turn to drugs and other addictions to keep ourselves from the truth of how vast we are. The practice of Kundalini Yoga shows us how to be present to our potential and our human talent of boundlessness.

We will discuss more in class on Monday. See you very soon.

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