Come Out Come Out Wherever You Are!

It’s Gay Christmas.  All your queer friends have likely booked the end of the month off – either to be in town for Pride festivities or to be far away from it.  Pride is a big fat party.  It’s a statement and celebration of Self.  It’s not just for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered  or transsexual people.  Pride is for everyone.

What is it that you need to come out about?  Are you a closet artist?  Need to tell a truth to your family, lover, or to your Self?  Being honest is a great liberator.  Being who you are, in all of your greatness gives other people a chance to shine too.  It creates peace and freedom and love.  When the Pride Parade goes through your city, use it as an opportunity to be fully self expressed.  Being true to your Self comes in all forms – dancing on a float covered in glitter is just one version.

I came out to my family when I was 13.  I told my sister first, she responded with the nonchalance of a 9 year old.  My mother quietly asked God for support and  my Dad asked me not to convert my sister. (He has come a long way since) I was never afraid of what it meant to be a lesbian for myself.  I was concerned about how other people would respond.  Coming out is an ongoing process – whenever I meet new people it is an inevitable part of the intro conversation.    It’s as true of my sexual orientation as with being a Yogi.  In fact, my work as a Yogi has affected many more people than how I express my sexuality or gender.

Recently someone I know began to tell her close friends and family about finding the love of her life – who happens to be a woman.  It was a mixed experience of unconditional love, acceptance and fear.  Her heart is hurting because the love she feels is not recognized for the joy that it is.

Its 2012 and people still say things like ‘that’s so gay’. Language is the key to culture, and if this phrase exists in our vocabulary, we will continue to experience bullying, hate crimes and a pervading silence when we bring our same sex partners home. It’s time to be conscious about what we say and the consequences of the consequences of those words.  In our Oneness, we affect each other. Deeply.

I asked my Dad about what it means for someone to come out.  He said, “In the beginning as a parent, you think it will really affect your life if your child is gay.  And then as time passes you realize that it actually doesn’t change things at all.  We will always love each other and this is a way to get to know each other better.”

Thanks Dad.  I love you too.

Happy Holidays.


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