The Ten Bodies

The word “human” comes from the Sanskrit “hu” which means “light”, and ”man” which means “mind”.  According to the ancient technology of Yoga, we all have ten hues, minds and bodies. Each of these bodies has eight chakras, three conditions, five elements, a unique physiology, and a related psychology. When you learn to know your self in this way and experience others with this increased awareness, you become a more authentic, compassionate and insightful healer, teacher, artist, parent, and partner. Through the study of these bodies, you can learn how to offer an organic prescription of Yoga postures, meditations, breathing techniques, personal management, lifestyle, and communication to improve any area of life.

 Overview Of The Ten Bodies

In your first body, you are at home. This is the real you, your own heartbeat.

In your second body, you protect yourself, you hear what you say, you discriminate and calculate. You develop trust.

In your third body, you see who you are, you perceive infinity, the unlimited potential, the positive you.

In your fourth body, there is equilibrium and action.

In your fifth body, you are present; you experience life. This is your physical body, where you can develop the consciousness that pain and pleasure are equal. Here you can have no animosity.

In your sixth body, you have a halo of light that protects you from negativity and bacteria – other’s and your own. It is an arc light that qualifies you, the quality of you, your own sacredness and reverence. It is your self-esteem and your immune system.

Your seventh body is light, intelligence, electro-magnetic frequency, the projection and orbit of you. There is a castle around you; this is your aura. You live in it, you grow in it.

In your eighth body you are rich, raw, innocent, and real. This is the healing life force of you, your own breath, your executive mind. You can breathe to adjust your thinking, your energy, and your life.

In your ninth body, you know the unknown, you see the unseen. You’re perfect, you’re vast, you’re subtle. You’re elegant, graceful, sophisticated, refined, and smart. You know what to complete and you know how to let go. Your intuition works.

In your tenth body you are beyond all time and space. You are radiant, majestic, full of courage and you smile broadly.

The embodiment of all these lights – the eleventh aspect of you – is your own True Guide, the integration and integrity, the willpower to manifest anything, to turn from the outside to the inside, from darkness to light. It can be wisdom, creativity, richness, brightness, and Truth shining for you and others.

The highest Yoga is to bring the ego of all of this to Zero, to master and direct your mind and your life, to expand your kindness and compassion to infinity.

 These bodies interact with each other, from day to day, and from person to person. From zero to eleven, twelve basic ingredients, each with its own system of body, mind and spirit.  These bodies are the foundation of Yoga Therapy – the applied system of Kundalni Yoga using movement, meditation, breath work and the relationship between each of the bodies and the integrated whole of you.

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