Yoga Teacher Training

Envision Yourself as a Leader

  • The most powerful way to deepen your practice is to become a yoga teacher. This course is designed to help you improve the quality of your life and grow a new career.  As you gain leadership and teaching skills – your ability to communicate and relate to others will transform in ways that will serve your highest intentions.  Our comprehensive ten-month program features ten weekend learning modules, peer practice and practicum.



Personal Development for the Spiritually Inclined

  •  Learn from successful teachers, entrepreneurs and studio owners
  •  Complete your training in 10 months, with flexible start dates and weekend modules
  •  Learn to teach Hatha and Kundalini Yoga
  •  Live class setting for all practicum classes - real feedback means real-world ready
  •  Diverse students - enhances group learning


  •  Limited number of applications are accepted each month
  •  Call 905.819.8808 or email to reserve your spot


  •  $3200 Canadian plus tax
  •  Payment in full is required
  •  No refunds will be granted 30 days or less, prior to start date of program, or thereafter.


Training includes unlimited practice at  YogaVision Studio for the duration of the program or access to podcasts.

  •  Minimum of 50 practice hours required to complete program

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Module 1: Pranayama & Meditation

  •  Breath and  meditation  are key  components of a Yoga practice
  •  Explore and establish a  breathing practice and/or meditation  practice for yourself
  •  Workshop includes guided experience and research to establish your practice

Module 2: Philosophy, Styles & History of Yoga

  •  Gain a greater understanding  of the diversity of yoga available, the origins of modern  yoga and how history has influenced the practice and teaching
  •  Consider how  the history and philosophy of Yoga can influence your style of teaching

Module 3:  Yamas and Niyamas

  •  Explore these ancient principles & consider how each resonates with you as an individual, how it impacts  your practice, and teachings on and off your mat

Module 4:  Personal Inquiry

  •  This portion of the program is designed to individualize your learning, take the opportunity to explore, research and apply an area of interest (style, purpose, philosophy etc.)
  •  One on one meetings with a faculty member to guide your inquiry and provide feedback

Module 5: Anatomy & Asana

  •  Learn the basics: muscles, bones, joints and ligaments  and move beyond into  functional movement and yoga asana/posture
  • Explore energetic/ subtle anatomy: the ten bodies, chakras
  •  Practice postural analysis, in order to better meet the individual needs of your future students

Module 6:  Sequencing

  •  Experiment with the order of postures in constructing classes
  •  Compare classical and creative sequencing of  Hatha/Vinyasa, Movement & Kundalini yoga

Module 7:  The Business of Yoga

  • Considering yourself as an entrepreneur
  •  Marketing yourself as a yoga teacher, exploring opportunities and possibilities
  •  Setting and realizing intentions, while  living the yoga

Optional Laughter Yoga Leader Training

  •  Obtain an additional qualification as a  Laughter Yoga Leader
  •  Understand and explore platforms for teaching laughter yoga to groups of individuals
  • Offering of this additional training to be determined by the number students interested
  •  Note that this training will mean one  additional weekend

Class Schedule

October 28th  & 29th , 2017

November 18th  & 19th , 2017

December 9th  & 10th, 2017

January 20th  & 21st , 2018

February 24th  & 25th, 2018

March 24th  & 25th , 2018

April 21st  & 22nd , 2018

May 26th  & 27th , 2018

June 16rd  & 17th , 2018

Meet our New Grads

Salimah Kassim-Lakha

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Modern day Yogi and Yoga Therapist, Salimah has travelled internationally using the technology of Yoga to lead, heal, teach and transform. YogaVision Centre Director, Yogapalooza, CBC’s Yoga Expert, prone to giggling fits, and big ideas, always in love, permanently grateful, hoping for the best and expecting just that, new world explorer and technology junkie.

Rachelle Gura

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The most overheard phrase after Rachelle's class "I feel amazing!" Come to a class and find out why.

Leaving her corporate management career in 2005 to teach yoga and pilates full time, was a lifesaving shift and proved dreams become goals and are achievable. In her pursuit to help people free their mind and body, one certification quickly lead to another including; 200RYT, Yoga for Runners, NLP, Life Coaching, Pilates MAT and Yoga Tune Up® Therapy. Her unique flavour of teaching was recognized by Lululemon becoming a Brand Ambassador for their Mississauga location in 2010.

Today her overarching focus is biomechanics. As a yoga teacher anatomy is important but what creates balance in the body is the knowledge of how all the pieces move together and affect each other. Let's nourish our muscles just as much as we work them to reduce risk of injury and maintain movement and independence well into our twilight years.