The Fine Print

Purchase Terms and Restrictions

Graduation does not guarantee teaching in YogaVision studios, app or other YogaVision contexts. Graduation does guarantee tools to teach Kundalini Yoga and meditation on your own. Tuition includes access to online training course from YogaVision. Tuition does not include hotel accommodations, flights, other transportation, etc.

Application alone doesn’t guarantee admittance into training. Possible phone interview with a YogaVision representative prior to an invitation to participate. Accepting no more than 30 applicants

Cancellation policy:
If cancellation occurs within 2 weeks before the program begins, no refunds will be given. Please make sure you can attend the entire in-class portion of the training as such is necessary to graduate with certification. Unfortunately, because we only have 30 spots, no refunds can be given under any circumstances, including if you can no longer participate in the training at any point during the program. If you can no longer participate at any point and wish to re-take the next training, there is a $2000 fee and you must re-take all modules.