Kundalini Yoga for the Nervous System


Your Nervous System is how you interact with your inner and outer world. Your body and brain hold stored memories of what it is like to be you.

Kundalini Yoga is a classical Yoga tradition using sound, breath, movement and meditation. These elements are time-tested ways to regulate your Nervous System to create inner safety, openness and progress.

Harmony Within combines a clear understanding of how the Nervous System works and how to use Kundalini Yoga to address trauma, physical health, mental health, dysregulated nervous system and emotional imbalances.

Harmony Within is for you if:
• You are looking for an effective way to heal trauma
• You want to work with your body to release stress and trapped emotions
• You are interested in collaborative online learning  
• You want a structured approach using Kundalini Yoga for healing
• You want to learn more about your nervous system and how to work with your body for lasting change

Tier X Membership includes:
• Exclusive pre-recorded content for self-study

Tier 1 Membership includes:
• Live Kundalini Yoga Classes on Zoom with Salimah
• Exclusive pre-recorded content for self-study

Tier 2 Membership includes:
• Live Kundalini Yoga Classes on Zoom with Salimah
• Exclusive pre-recorded content for self-study
• Group mentoring with Salimah  
• Live Office Hours for group discussion
Private WhatsApp Group

Our Prices

Harmony Within - Tier X
$ 22 USD/Month
Plus Taxes
Online Learning Center
Monthly Kundalini Yoga Video Release

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Harmony Within - Tier 1
$ 55 USD/Month
Plus Taxes
Online Learning Center
Monthly Kundalini Yoga Video Release
Monthly Live Kundalini Yoga Class
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Harmony Within - Tier 2
$ 111 USD/Month
Plus Taxes
Everything in Tier 1 plus:
60 min group coaching call after the Live Class
Access to Our Private WhatsApp Group
Office Hours
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Meet Salimah

Since closing my Yoga Studio in 2020 - I have worked with people around the world to explore Kundalini Yoga and liberation from trauma, anxiety, PTSD, depression and grieving.

I've come to understand stuck patterns as glitches in the matrix. Kundalini Yoga is a proven remedy.

I am excited to connect with you for Harmony Within.

Which statement best describes your current situation?

I want to make changes in my life.
I want to help people.
I'm not clear on my next steps.
Not sure. I feel stuck.

The Salimah listens carefully with her heart and will give you great advice, encouragement and the right Kundalini techniques that will help you along the way to unfold your true self. I can highly recommend booking a numerology session with Salimah and finding out yourself what it has to offer. Thank you dearest Salimah for being such an inspiring and supportive mentor.

~ MD, Germany

Salimah has so much knowledge to help heal humanity. I’ve done two numerology readings and she really cuts to the root of your blockages by sharing your story as it relates to numerology. Then she prescribes wonderful Kundalini Yoga exercises to help you set intentions to heal your blockages. It’s a beautiful thing.

~ Matt

All of the work in the numerology session, I felt, was grounded in a deep respect – not just for me as a client, but for all people.  For me, going to a numerology session was an opportunity to reconnect and it surprised me how deeply moved I was by it.

~ H.J.S., Iceland

I’m a big believer in numerology. After sharing a few details of my life and birth, Salimah started with a calming breathing meditation and then began her reading. I was impressed with her insights into my reality. She provided me with guidance on where I should be focusing my energy in 2021. She’s a very gentle soul and you can feel her intentions to truly help others along their path.

~ MM, South Florida

The numerology consultations have helped me, first and foremost, in getting to know me better and to establish a consistent daily Kundalini Yoga practice, which has already changed my life in so many ways. During the consultation, Salimah creates a safe space in which you can be yourself and open up, talking about your personal matters, challenges and dreams.

~ MD, Germany

Salimah made it easy to open-up to discovering and rediscovering elements of myself as I’m moving forward, deepening my connections with self, others, and Source. I felt her authentic interest in me as a person and care for my well-being, along with her intuition and all the wisdom she has accumulated, which she shared freely. Wisdom that she passes on in a way that’s very understandable and relatable.

~ H.J.S., Iceland

Frequently Asked Questions

Have You Felt Stuck in A Pattern?

That's your Nervous System sending you a signal. It's time to deal with your stress levels. It is not possible to be inspired, creative, vulnerable and relaxed when functioning in survival mode.

I Don't Really Like Yoga, How Do I know This is for Me?

You don't have to like Yoga, Meditation, or Breathwork to do it. Just ike we don't need to love brushing our teeth to do it. What you need to know is that Yoga is much more than postures. It is a life path, a way of exploring the world through consciousness. These ancient seers have given us time-tested ways to discipline our minds and open our hearts.

Additionally, there are many different practice forms in this course. You can skip the Yoga ones if you really don't want to do it.

What is the format of Hamony Within?

2-tier subscription model.
Tier 1 - Monthly Live Kundalini Yoga Classes plus all-new exclusive video content
Tier 2 - All of the Above plus Group Mentoring and Office Hours to ask Questions

How Often Will We Meet?

All Harmony Within Members meet once per month for a live virtual 60-minute Kundalini Yoga class with Salimah. Tier 2 members can access 60 minutes of live Group Coaching with Salimah and informal weekly Office Hours to ask questions and meet with Salimah via Zoom.

What are the membership fees?

Tier 1 Membership includes live monthly virtual Kundalini Yoga sessions plus exclusive content and private WhatsApp group for $55 USD per month.

Tier 2 Membership includes live monthly virtual Kundalini Yoga sessions, exclusive content, private WhatsApp group, Group Coaching and Office Hours for $111 USD per month.

How Do I cancel my membership?

Send an email to love.yogavision@gmail.com with your cancellation request. Please give 30 days notice to ensure we cancel your membership on time.

What are the Benefits of joining Harmony Within?

This is your opportunity to participate in live classes with one of the world's experts in Kundalini Yoga and the Nervous System. You have exclusive video content to enhance your learning and community-based group mentoring to support your growth.

How long should I stay in this program?

Harmony Within is launching in Spring 2024. It is the first time you will experience a clear, structured approach to using Kundalini Yoga to regulate your Nervous System. You will have access to provocative and life-enhancing conversations, resources and insight into how your body works, why it works that way and how to use Kundalini Yoga to address these elements of your life experience. You will find relief within the first session and will continue to learn as you participate in the group sessions. You may find yourself ready to move onto another program after 3-6 months of daily practice.

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