at Work

with Salimah Kassim-Lakha

As much as we want to return to the way things were, the fact is normal doesn't feel normal anymore.

Wellbeing at Work

We have learned that wellness is more than a fit body. Wellness also includes is a clear mind, balanced emotions and a connection to something greater.

Many of our colleagues are battling anxiety and fear about returning to the office, the trauma of isolation and uncertainty about the future.
Breathwork and Meditation will help. By implementing these time-tested tools, your staff will feel grounded and confident. These characteristics signal emotional stability, willingness to take risks and dependability for your organization.  

Mix and Match Educational Sessions:

✔  Laughter Wellness - Laugh, clap and breathe your way to clarity.
✔  Anxiety Relief - 10 ways to prevent and treat anxiety.
Clarity - 5 techniques to identify and eliminate brain fog.
Self Regulation - identify stress responses and use meditation to support the nervous system.
✔ Burnout to Breakthrough - Identify the early signs of burnout and prevent further symptoms.
Intro to Meditation - all the techniques needs to establish a meditation practice
Intro to Breathwork - Breathing techniques to enhance wellbeing

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Wellbeing at Work

Workplace Wellness Program

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✔ Choice of 3 sessions
✔ Offered Monthly
✔ Onsite or Virtual
✔ Personalized for your workplace
✔ Practical and thoughtful content

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Why Salimah, Why YogaVision

Salimah Kassim-Lakha is the Director of YogaVision.  As a Yoga Therapist, she has taught Meditation and Breathwork both live and virtually across the GTA for over 15 years.

As a former public sector executive, Salimah is well aware of the pressures of work-life balance and how to create well-being in times of change. Her YouTube channel has received over 2 million views. Video topics range from mental health and isolation to leadership and success.  

She is committed to bringing the depth of her Meditation and Breathwork experience to your workplace to support resiliency and vitality at every level of your organization.  

Which statement best describes your current situation?

I want to make big changes in my life.
I want to help people.
I'm not clear on my next steps.
Not sure. I feel stuck, traumatized, and unhappy.

The Salimah listens carefully with her heart and will give you great advice, encouragement and the right Kundalini techniques that will help you along the way to unfold your true self. I can highly recommend booking a numerology session with Salimah and finding out yourself what it has to offer. Thank you dearest Salimah for being such an inspiring and supportive mentor.

~ MD, Germany

Salimah has so much knowledge to help heal humanity. I’ve done two numerology readings and she really cuts to the root of your blockages by sharing your story as it relates to numerology. Then she prescribes wonderful Kundalini Yoga exercises to help you set intentions to heal your blockages. It’s a beautiful thing.

~ Matt

All of the work in the numerology session, I felt, was grounded in a deep respect – not just for me as a client, but for all people.  For me, going to a numerology session was an opportunity to reconnect and it surprised me how deeply moved I was by it.

~ H.J.S., Iceland

I’m a big believer in numerology. After sharing a few details of my life and birth, Salimah started with a calming breathing meditation and then began her reading. I was impressed with her insights into my reality. She provided me with guidance on where I should be focusing my energy in 2021. She’s a very gentle soul and you can feel her intentions to truly help others along their path.

~ MM, South Florida

The numerology consultations have helped me, first and foremost, in getting to know me better and to establish a consistent daily Kundalini Yoga practice, which has already changed my life in so many ways. During the consultation, Salimah creates a safe space in which you can be yourself and open up, talking about your personal matters, challenges and dreams.

~ MD, Germany

Salimah made it easy to open-up to discovering and rediscovering elements of myself as I’m moving forward, deepening my connections with self, others, and Source. I felt her authentic interest in me as a person and care for my well-being, along with her intuition and all the wisdom she has accumulated, which she shared freely. Wisdom that she passes on in a way that’s very understandable and relatable.

~ H.J.S., Iceland

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Wellbeing at Work for?

Workplace Wellbeing is for your organization if you are actively seeking ways to boost staff collaboration, creativity and vitality. If you have single moms, working parents, commuters, new hires or those close to retirement, Meditation and Breathwork gives everyone a neutral and effective way to deal with stress and anxiety. 

Why is that?  When your staff are handling multiple priorities at work and responsibilities at home, time becomes a precious commodity.  Offering classes at work inserts moments of reflection, inspirational guidance and time-tested ways to self-regulate.  These components ensure your staff feel supported and valued at work.  

Having an engaging group activity helps everyone connect with each other at work.  This shared experience supports the spirit of cooperation and familiarity.  This promotes communication, equity, diversity and inclusion on all levels of the organization. 

What can I expect during this Wellbeing at Work program?

These sessions are interactive, participants are asked to engage with the content and share experiences.  Each session is 60 minutes, covering content, practice time and QA period.

Each session includes practice time to ensure learning and comprehension. The benefits to your work culture include - increased self-regulation, mental clarity and problem-solving skills for all who attend.  

The topics listed above are the most requested sessions.  If you have other topics that need to be covered, please reach out.  Chances are Salimah can create the content you are looking for.  

How Does Welbeing at Work Benefit Employers?

Workplace wellness programs have become increasingly popular in recent years as employers look for ways to improve employee health and productivity.

Workplace wellness programs can include a wide range of activities, from fitness classes and weight-loss programs to smoking-cessation programs and stress-management seminars. While the primary goal of workplace wellness programs is to improve employee health, there are a number of secondary benefits that can be equally important to employers. For example, workplace wellness programs can:

- Reduce health care costs
- Improve employee productivity
- Reduce absenteeism
- Enhance employee morale
- Improve recruitment and retention

What topics can we cover in the Workplace Wellbeing sessions?

The Workplace Wellbeing topics can be divided into four main categories:

Physical wellbeing: This includes topics such as ergonomics, exercise, nutrition, and sleep.

Mental wellbeing: This includes topics such as stress management, anxiety, depression, and burnout.

Emotional wellbeing: This includes topics such as emotional intelligence, communication, and relationships.

Spiritual wellbeing: This includes topics such as purpose, values, and meaning.

Why Hire a Workplace Wellbeing Coach?

The pressure that team managers and executives face to maintain a productive and profitable work environment can be intense. They are not trained in the field of health and wellness. Having an on-site Health Coach can help employers achieve their goals by helping employees improve their overall productivity, mental performance, and accountability to lead a healthy lifestyle.In the end, this will alleviate the pressure that managers and executives feel so they can focus on the business at hand, and not have to worry about their employees’ health.