Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training

Becoming a Kundalini Yoga Teacher will change your life and it will change you. In this program, you will Transform your mind, emotions and spirit; become a Leader in your life; and Impact the world around you in positive and uplifting ways.

Class Size
30 Yogis
Total Training
300 Hours
Course Duration
12 Months

Why become a Kundalini Yoga Teacher?

Kundalini Yoga is a powerful and impactful form of Yoga. It is transformational therapy. Knowing how this therapy works is the key to directing your healing journey. Once you learn these skills and master them for yourself, you can have a positive impact on yourself, your family and the world around you.

While this course is designed to equip you with the tools to teach Kundalini Yoga classes, that's not everyone's intent. Know that when you show up for yourself, and learn the tools for transformation, your path with the teachings will become clear.

and The program will help you get there.


Connect to a global community of women using Kundalini Yoga to transform.

Inner Peace

Learn to tame the restless mind.


Improve your ability to get shit done.


Discover your life's purpose and pursue it with passion


Develop an abundance mindset and prosper.


Develop greater confidence to lead and teach.


Sharpen your insight and mind-sight.


Become mentally & physically stronger.


Heal from past injuries, trauma and mistakes.

Why train with YogaVision?

Salimah is dedicated to bringing you the authentic teachings from a lens of diversity, inclusion, and accessibility. Kundalini Yoga is for all and your education will reflect that. Period. The course is trauma informed, women led and focusses on collaborative learning.

Experienced Teacher

Salimah has 15 years of experience in yoga, meditation and teaching.  She will hold space for you, ask you to challenge yourself and cheer you on as you make progress in your life. As a teacher she is innovative, inclusive and offers a teaching methodology that will ensure your ability to teach a diverse range of students. Most of all she will be there to support your inward journey.

Marketing Education

YogaVisions's KYTT will help you to develop your leadership skills, so that you can make an impact in every aspect of your life.  Our program includes a module on social media management, marketing and teaching online. Being technologically savvy in the digital age helps us spread the benefits of yoga and meditation easier and faster.

Advanced Training

Most yoga schools only offer 200-hour programs, whereas YogaVision offers an additional 100 hours. This extra time means that you are more experienced,  confident, and ready to teach Kundalini Yoga in the real world. This extra development time is necessary for this healing journey.

Kundalini as Medicine

With YogaVision, you will discover that yoga is much more than a physical practice. Salimah is an expert on Kundalini Medicine, using yoga, meditation and breath work as tools for mood regulation and healing trauma. With this medicine you will have the inner strength to make changes in your life.

Community Based Learning

As humans are we designed to co-regulate. We need people around us to mirror our experience, explore boundaries and make internal shifts in our thinking. When you join KYTT you will grow spiritually, and heal the past in order to move forward. Community based learning is an important part of feeling safe and connected to yourself, others and to the world.

Our Advanced Curriculum

YogaVision’s online Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training program includes 10 modules, completed over 10 months.


Breathing & Meditation

✓  Set the foundations for Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training
✓  Learn how to meditate and establish a personal practice
✓  Explore the breath and practice breathwork

Philosophy, Styles & History

✓  Explore the roots of yoga history
✓  Understand the origins of modern yoga
✓  Learn how the practice & teaching of Kundalini Yoga have evolved

Anatomy, Asana & Sequencing

✓  Learn the mechanics of moving safely
✓  Explore the different modalities of Kundalini yoga
✓  Understand how a Kundalini Yoga class is different

Personal Inquiry

✓  Research an area of interest
✓  Present findings to your peers
✓  Define and shape your unique teaching philosophy

Kundalini Yoga

✓  Explore the technology of the Yoga of Awareness
✓  Learn to combine mantra, movement, and meditation
✓  Understand how to structure a Kundalini Yoga class

Creating Connection

✓  Hone your interpersonal skills
✓  Set up your online yoga studio
✓  Learn to market your classes

Practice Teaching

✓  Put all your learning into action
✓  Practice leading online classes
✓  Get feedback on your teaching

Course Breakdown

A woman is shown meditating. Exploring the breath and learning how to meditate are part of the foundations of Kundalini Yoga.
First Semester
Understand the origins of Kundalini Yoga
Discover the modern impact of Kundalini Yoga
Develop your daily practice
Learn meditation and breath-work
Explore the role of a Teacher
A woman is shown performing a backward bend. After the first 100 hours of training, the focus shifts to learning the asanas of Kundalini Yoga and how to move safely.
Second Semester
Identify and transcend old habits
Understand safe movement
Learn to apply yogic principles in all areas of life
Begin teaching to your peers
The last 300 hours is all about expansion. Expanding your skills as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher and expanding your vision and mission as a leader in the world.
Third Semester
Develop your skills as a teacher
Define your values & mission as a leader
Undertake your own personal research
Start to define your personal brand
Start teaching full yoga classes

Upcoming Start Dates:

Jan 14
Feb 11
March 11
April 8
May 6
June 3
July 15
Aug 12
Sept 9
Oct 7
Nov 4
Dec 2
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Your Tuition

$ 5,555 USD
Plus Applicable Taxes
Certificate Awarded on Submission of final Assignments
Canadians ​Eligible for Tuition Tax Credit
Lifetime Access to All Resources (Business of Yoga, Meditation Certification, and
Library of Teachings)
Private Group Chat Access
2 Numerology Sessions ($500 Value) and 1 Trauma Counselling Sessions ($200 Value)
Pay in FullContact for Monthly Payment Plan
Yoga Master
Book a Consultation

Need More Clarity?

Transformation comes in many forms. If you’re looking for more clarity on how to use Kundalini Yoga to transform your life, book a consultation with Salimah. She will help you determine your life purpose, the path to get there and how Kundalini Yoga can help.

Personalized Practice

Let Salimah design a Kundalini Yoga practice that's right for you.

Blueprint for Transformation

Create your very own blueprint for personal transformation

Conscious Healing

Obtain a set of practices to heal from past mistakes and trauma


Identify your unique gifts & talents.

Key Traits

Clarify your key characteristics.

Life Path

Understand your destiny & life path.

Meet your Trainer

Salimah Kassim-Lakha is the Director of YogaVision.  Salimah is an Entrepreneur, Yoga Therapist and Kundalini Yoga Trainer. As a Canadian of South Asian descent, she offers an authentic approach to yoga, rooted in spirituality. For Salimah, the journey to becoming a Kundalini Yoga Teacher is about personal development, healing trauma and developing your leadership voice. As your confidence grows, you can have such a powerful impact on your own life and on the people around you.


"I don't want to teach Yoga" are famous last words here at YogaVision. This is how this type of thinking changes through Yoga Teacher Training experience. Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training (KYTT) is all about transformation, community and having the tools needed to launch the next chapter of your life.
Cindy is an entrepreneur. From her training, she has become a better leader for her team, and has expanded her business by opening a YogaVision Satellite location in Streetsville, Ontario.
Cecilia was already a Yoga Teacher when she came to YogaVision in order to deeper her understanding of Kundalini Yoga.
Cecilia now teachers two classes at YogaVision in Mississauga, and has expanded into teaching Kundalini Yoga by opening the Georgetown YogaVision Satellite.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can you learn from Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training?

Kundalini Yoga Teacher training changed my life. It changed me. Here’s what happened and what I learned. By Salimah Kassim-Lakha.

1. Yoga is much more than the postures

Dangling upside down in a forward fold I thought I was having the height of an experience. Turns out adding meditation, mantra, breath work and the philosophy behind the practice - is really where the practice begins. The poses are secondary.

2. I am responsible for my own experience

As I learned more about the connection between mind and body, I started to see how my thoughts affected my reality. If i decided to have a good day, I would have one. If I decided to let my mood run the show - it did. And I had to deal with the consequences. It gave me an awareness of my super powers. Now I have much more control over how my days unfold.

3. Everyone is doing the best they can

Including me. This is true on and off the mat. I have watched students who have never meditated before - find a regular daily practice for themselves. I have seen the most inflexible student bend and touch their toes after a few classes. And I have let people off the hook - because everyone is doing their best. Including me.

4. Off the mat is just as important as on the mat

In the early days of my Yoga practice - I would take all of my ups and downs to my mat. In that one hour - I would set my intention and let it all go. By the time I stepped off my mat - whatever it was would have faded off into the distance. Now I set my intentions before I do anything.

5. It’s all about technique

One of the hardest things I have ever done was to sit down, close my eyes and clear my mind. Let’s be honest, it never really happened. I would plan my dinner, my wardrobe and everything in between. Teacher training showed me how to use my breath to calm my body, when to use a mantra to focus my mind, and the power that comes from doing these things on a consistent basis. Now as I run my Yoga studio - I always establish a technique - saving me time, effort and money.

6. Spirit is what Spirit Does

The universal principles and teachings of Yoga helped me to appreciate and celebrate spirituality in all its forms. Being closer to nature, seeing the divine in all beings and learning about other spiritual traditions has enriched my day to day experience.

7. Patience Pays

Yoga and meditation strengthens the nervous system. As my nervous system got stronger, I was much more able to handle my emotions. I freaked out less. I became more patient. Being patient has ushered in a new level of relating to myself and to others. I see things more clearly because I take the time to notice instead of making snap decisions. Everything takes time - and it takes patience to see that.

8. Saying Yes

Back in the days before Yoga, I trapped myself in my comfort zones. Same people, same ideas, same habits. Once I dedicated myself to my practice and to the teachings, I started to say yes more often. Yes to new opportunities, to the unknown, to the unfamiliar and I watched myself grow, my perspectives on life and love shifted in ways that helped me be more open, loving and compassionate - with myself and with others.

9. There is always more to learn

The ancient art and sciences of Yoga and Meditation are vast. I consider this field to be about lifelong learning. Each movement, mantra, meditation and breathing practice has a nuance to offer the entire body of information I already have. It’s fascinating, in-depth and so relevant to day to day life.

10. Expect the Unexpected

When I started taking Yoga classes - I had no idea what lay ahead. I really didn’t give it much thought. I went to class and I knew I felt better after. After about a year of doing that - my perspective on life shifted. When I started Yoga Teacher Training, I knew I was signing up to change my life. Now, fifteen years later, I owned a Yoga Studio, have clients all over the world, and speak to audiences regularly about the power of Yoga and Meditation. In one breath it has all been unexpected and in the next breath feels like exactly what I was born to do.

Who needs Kundalini Yoga?

Kundalini Yoga offers the answer to anxiety, depression, undiagnosable health issues, lack of clarity in life purpose and much more. Gaining these benefits comes from a daily practice of Kundalini Yoga Kriyas and Meditations. One of the most impactful aspects of Kundalini Yoga is that it provides a spiritual experience which is unlike any other form of Yoga. When you can meet yourself spiritually, you can take on any challenge because you know you have all the resources of the Universe to guide and support you.

How do you prepare for Kundalini Yoga?

On a practical level, you simply need a place to practice and to clear time in your schedule to commit on a daily basis. On a deeper level, you need to be willing to meet yourself. This means having a willingness to witness all aspects of your personality. You need to be willing to examine your childhood, heal trauma and choose to believe, act and show up differently in your life. You will understand fear as a projection of the mind and choose love instead. When you tackle what you are afraid of - you can come to clear and easy solutions to most of life’s challenges.

What are the prerequisites for Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training?

Once you find yourself in this place of clarity, you likely want to dive in deeper. That is great news, for you and for humanity. When you strengthen your nervous system, your capacity to handle stress, emotions and the demands of work and family life increases. You are more calm, self confident and able to make clear and compassionate decisions. When you act in this way, everyone around you has the opportunity to level up and meet you at this more conscious level. Your ripple effect becomes greater. You become a leader in your life and you can have a greater impact in the world. Here is what you need to do to prepare for Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training:

1. Practice, Practice, Practice.
The best way to gain the benefits of Kundalini Yoga is to practice daily for 20 to 40 minutes. You can choose a Kriya and Meditation from my YouTube channel or contact me for a Kundalini Numerology Consultation and I will select the best Kriya and meditation for you. This is key to strengthening your nervous system.

2. Set Your Intentions
Once you have practiced daily for 3 to 6 months, you are ready to apply for Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training. It is important to be clear on what you want to gain from the program. Is it for personal development so that you can show up differently in your life? Is it to establish a new career so that you can exit the corporate world and work in a way that aligns with your values? Are you ready to do both? All of these reasons are important and will help motivate you as you go through the program.

3. Save Your Money
Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training is an investment in yourself. It will pay off in thousands of ways that you can’t even begin to imagine when you sign up. So make sure you have financial resources ready and available so that you can sign up after your application is accepted.

4. Share your Goal
Allow your friends and family to support you as you embark on this journey. Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training is a life changing process, which will inspire everyone around you. As you grow and transform, your network will start to reflect those changes. The more people who are aware of the process you are going through - the smoother it will be.

5. Book a Discovery Call
Have patience with this process. Start by booking a call with Salimah, the head trainer, to assess your readiness for the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainer. The timing, resources and program entry dates all have to align for your successful entry. This Discovery call will give you personal contact with Salimah and help you understand how the program works and the expectations for graduation.

Click here to: Book a Discovery Call for Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training

How Do You Teach Kundalini Yoga?

This is the main question Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training answers. This is not available in videos or books. This is a process of personal discovery, developing your voice, your point of view and relating to the mentors and other students in the program. The secondary part is learning the format and flow of a Kundalini Yoga class. There is a well developed structure to the teaching methodology. Once you learn that technique, you can be a leader in all places in your life. Finally, you will have the opportunity to lead and teach your friends and family. People who may never have tried Kundalini Yoga, are instantly interested because they have witnessed your journey, they know you and they trust you to guide them. It’s a very rewarding way to give back to the world around you.