Understanding our 10 energy bodies and self-mastery

11 Bodies in Kundalini Yoga

September 2, 2022

1st Body

This is the heart and soul. It is the part of a person that never changes, is unshakeable. When a person is living their soul’s passage, the heart and mind come together to make the action fearless. Communication with this body and from this body comes from the heart, the seat of compassion. Without this connection, the intellect takes over and tries to make a rational decision based on the facts at hand. This body knows humility and how to be a leader, it sees all as one. That is why it is the number one.

2nd Body

The second body is also called the discerning mind. This body is also known as the negative or feminine mind. It is a protection and a guide, warning of danger ahead and relates to relationships, loyalty and duality. Spiritual growth comes about through obedience to the spiritual teacher. This body is also represents the longing to belong. When this body is working well, the person wants to harmonize, when it is not working well emotions run over board. This body is all about connecting, intuition, and diplomacy.

3rd Body

Also known as the Divine Mind, the 3rd body is part devil, part divine. It is creativity, nurturing and socializing in action. When it is well-harmonized, this body can see, sense and feel the infinite. When it is not functioning properly, it sees problems everywhere. This body senses the potential in everything. It is the ability to relax completely. The 3rd body must aim to feel and believe itself to be divine. Meditation is very important for this body – it filters out the devil part and creates a connection to something bigger. The 3rd body can keep up not matter what.

4th Body

This body takes the sum or positive and negative and makes a balanced, neutral decision. This body helps you to make a change in the way that you think. Instead of reacting or acting, chose no-reacting. It is not limited by preconceived notions of good and bad. It is about grinding the higher consciousness over the lower consciousness in order to create a spark of life. It means you can be in service to your higher power and accomplish anything. Communication is easy when this mind is working well. Without the neutral mind intact, you tend to be lacking compassion or have a take it or leave it attitude. The neutral mind is about structure, the power of thoughts and words. It is committed and is dedicated to liberation.

5th Body

The fifth body is the tangible experience of life. It is the body itself, and the physical and emotional realm of the human experience. This body teaches non-attachment and endurance. There is no liberty without labour. This is the teacher, the communicator. The spiritual quality of the 5th body is sacrifice. Giving up what is good for what is even better. The fifth body demonstrates affection, to give and receive love.

6th Body

Also known as the arch line, it is a magnetic field and is related to the pituitary gland and the projection of a person. It is a halo around the head, women have another women between the breasts. It is white, grey or bluish and relates to the immune system. It diminishes with poor health. It is about how you view yourself, your sense of justice, righteousness and public service. It also relates to meditation and concentration. It is about doing what is right, not just what is right for you. It is about consciousness. The key to success for the 6 is tolerance because they have strong beliefs.

7th Body

This is the spirit actualized, the aura. Everything that happens to a person happens in the aura first. Many nerve channels that run through the body exist here. It forms a pattern around the entire body. It represents a person’s ability to project and the sound quality of their voice. The aura can extend out nine feet in all directions. Being aware of the space around you, how much space you take up allows you to walk through life with grace and impact. The seventh body is the ability to project mentally. The seventh body must elevate oneself and other people. Happiness exists in the higher consciousness. Anything else will make this body miserable. Uplifting and analytical words work best with this body.

8th Body

The eighth body is the life force or prana. It is the power body and healer. It is wealth, mental training, experience with authority and the power of compassion. Prana is the essence of life – the spark that creates life. Is carried mostly by the breath, and to a lesser extent in food and touch. This body must direct its actions toward a higher consciousness. It is a powerful look, it reaches people in the heart. This body is concerned with energy and authority, power and acknowledgement. It is a demanding and commanding body. Sparks fly with this body. It is about controlling the breath and the life force.

9th Body

The ninth body is about the universe and the expansiveness of feminine energy. In the body it is represented as graceful behavior and elegant movement. It is transparent, non-violent and non-force. The ninth body is the administrative mind, it takes the overview and yet still deals with the details. It is intuitive, refined and invisible. You are in the right place at the right time. It is spontaneity and synchronicity. The ninth body is represented by mastery in the spiritual realm. The ninth body envelopes the soul on death and carries the soul to the next journey. The language of the 9th body is silence.

10th Body

This is your radiance. It’s the glint in the eye, a bright smile, a straight spine, strong nerves and long hair. You stand out and get noticed. It is beyond space and time. It is courage and effectiveness. The radiant body can be compassionate, kind, expressive and full of devotion. There is no compromise. The consciousness of the 10th body is unaffected by anything except creation. This body uses the language of superlatives and command. This body can make anything happen.

11th Body

This is the culmination and merging of all the bodies. It is willpower, integration and integrity. In this body there is the potential for wealth and wisdom. It is about harmony and infinite rhythm, constant energy and a light to all. When the light and the human come together it is the universe personified. The 11th body is the personification of the highest consciousness. It is like a sound current because it amplifies everything. Eleven must add together and merge. It can communicate at any frequency.

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